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Customer FAQ’s

  • How a Pilger Die Grinding Machine can enhance the manufacture process?
    Pilger Die Grinding Machine we offer is a niche tech Machine. The Dies are precisely ground to the less than 10 micron accuracy. Groove Grinding and corner radiuse are done symultaneously. At a long run the machine is cost effective and result oriented.
  • What is SRM Machine used for?
    SRM (Stretch Reducing Mill) stands are used for....
  • What is the grinding time of a full pilger?
    A full pilger die is ground at less than four hours.
  • Does Pilger Die Grinding Machine offer built-in meassuring system?
    The Pilger Die Grinding Machine comes with built-in meassuring probes. It measures and feeds the date and stores it into the system so as to compare it with other jobs as well.
  • Is the Billet Raiusing Machine Fully Automatic?
    The Billet Radiusing Machine is fully automatic with skid for feed in and out.
  • What is SRM Calibration Machine used for?
    SRM Stand Calibration Machine is used for to calibrate Square and round SRM stands.
  • Do you also offer Mandrel Grinding Machine?
    Yes, Mandrel Grinding Machine come along Die Grinding Machine. Ultimately it is the choice of the customer.

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